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The Barbarian is a hidden test character that can be accessed in Hellfire by adding barbariantest to the command.txt file. The Barbarian uses the Warrior's graphics. Mauls and two-handed swords can be used one-handed with the Barbarian, and he is capable of hitting three enemies at a time when not using a shield. His special ability is Rage. For 12 seconds it adds 2*Character level to Strength and Vitality and 1.5*Character level to Dexterity. For 12 more seconds during his rest phase, it decreases Strength, Dexterity, and Vitality by the same values. Afterwards, you lose 2*Vitality of your Life points, but a bug exists so that if you click on an item in your inventory it will return to normal. For each level you gain, the Barbarian will gain 1% of Resistance in all three categories, so when you reach Level 50 you'll have 50% Resistance in all three areas. Since the Barbarian has no magic, it's probably best to sell all spellbooks you find unless they're for basic defensive spells such as Town Portal or Healing. The Barbarian takes a very long time to cast his spells as well, so it's probably best to focus on Strength and Vitality rather than try to increase Magic.

History of the Barbarian
From the shattered lands of the South this proud race of people hails. A tribal and nomadic culture, the southern Barbarians prayed to no deity and swore allegiance to no leader. This was the reason that when the kingdoms of the East invaded the Barbarian lands, little resistance was found. The scattered villages fought valiantly, each man, woman and child battling to the death against the hordes of magic users from the distant lands, but to no avail. The lands of the Barbarians, beautiful forests and the majestic jungles, were conquered by the East, and the tribes scattered to the four winds.

Still proud, the tribes still gather occasionally, but they are small in number. They despised all magic, for it was this mystical force that was used against them in the wars they had fought. Their battles in the war taught them much about magic however. Because of the war against the Eastern mages, all Barbarians have a certain immunity to magic bound within them as a result of so much exposure to the powerful forces.

Training in brute strength and physical force was the norm for Barbarians, with great endurance and vitality being praised. They came to be large people, with flaring tempers which makes the blood of a Barbarian truly boil when he is outraged. Chief weapon to the Barbarians was the axe, for it was this weapon that proved most useful to them in the forests and jungles where they resided. Their great strength allows them to wield other weapons in a single hand, but the axe is still the weapon of choice for most Barbarians.