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Diablo offers three classes for players to choose from, and there actually are noticeable, non cosmetic differences between the character archetypes. There is a Warrior, who beginners or those who favor melee combat and are not that excited by spells should use. There is a Rogue who is a combination of the Warrior and the Sorcerer, able to use both spells and weapons decently, and she also has her own abilities. She is the undisputed master of the bow, in addition she can see farther than the other characters as well as possessing a disarm trap skill. There is also of course, a Sorcerer who while being the absolute lord of magic, is not very skilled with weapons, which can make this class difficult for new players. However, in the hands of a skilled player, a high level Sorcerer can be an utterly devastating force. From these basics, you can customize your character to your liking with skill points gained with every experience level. It also should be noted that while the classes are defining, they are not the final word, there is nothing stopping a Sorcerer cracking a few skulls with a mace or a warrior toasting some Vortex Lords with a few rounds of chain lightning. The "classes" are truly not classes in the traditional sense, they are more of an archetype. Hellfire adds three additional character classes: Each character class has their advantages. The Sorcerer can fire spells left and right, but can die quickly if he gets swamped. The Warrior has to face everyone hand-to-hand, but usually has a high enough Armor Class (AC) that he doesn't get beaten into a fine pulp as quickly as the Rogue and Sorcerer--and hence can usually go farther down in the dungeon. The Rogue is somewhere between the other two, with the ranged attacks and spells of the Sorcerer but a higher AC like the Warrior.

The characters each change appearance depending what they're using. If you equip your warrior with field plate, it looks different than when he is wearing scale, which is different from leather. Their appearance also changes according to shields, helmets and weapons. The heroes each possess several thousand frames of animation giving them a fluid motion, which looks truly realistic.

Each piece of armor adds a bit to your armor class (AC). The better (and more expensive) the armor, the more it adds to your AC. With a high AC, attacks against your character are less likely to succeed, which means you miss the effects of the attack entirely. Arrows pass you by; swings of an axe or sword bounce ineffectively off of your armor; claws and bites fail to find their mark. Missile attacks (including arrows, bile from acid spitters, and the various bolt spells, among others) will proceed through the defenders square when they miss, possibly striking anything behind. A shield further assists defensive efforts, since a blow might bounce off of the shield instead of striking the victim. Some magic items will also add points to AC, and having a high dexterity will also raise your armor class.

Warrior: Start: Maximum:
Strenght: 30 250
Magic: 10 50
Dexterity: 20 60
Vitality: 25 100
Life: 70 316
Mana: 10 98

Level up effect:
 +5 to random attribute(s), +2 life & +1 mana
Starting equipment:
Short Sword, Club, Buckler, 100 gold & 2 potions of life
Warrior skill:
Item Repair: Click on the target item while using the skill and the items present durability goes up, but the maximum durability goes down.

Rogue: Start: Maximum:
Strenght: 20 55
Magic: 15 60
Dexterity: 30 250
Vitality: 20 70
Life: 45 210
Mana: 22 173

Level up effect:
+5 to random attribute(s), +2 life & +2 mana
Starting equipment:
Short Bow, 100 gold &
2 potions of life
Rogue skill:
Trap Disarm: Warns you when a door, chest or anything alike is a trap, then there you use your skill and disarm the trap.
There is a 50% chance that the skill will work.

Sorcerer: Start: Maximum:
Strenght: 15 45
Magic: 35 250
Dexterity: 15 85
Vitality: 20 80
Life: 30 138
Mana: 70 596

Level up effect:
+5 to random attribute(s), +1 life & +2 mana
Starting equipment:
Short Staff of Charged Bolt (40 charges), 100 gold & 2 potions of mana
Sorcerer skill:
Staff Recharge: Click on the target staff after using the skill nad the staff's present charges will rise, but the maximum charges will go down.