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The rogue is sort of a compromise character. A rogue is strong, but not nearly as strong as a huge warrior. A rogue is quick of the wit, but not as deeply intellectual as a wizened sorcerer. Above all, a rogue is light on her feet, and nimble with her fingers. Rogues, with their medium skills in war and magic, should be well balanced between the two. However, their primary skills are those requiring quickness and accuracy. Rogues are high in dexterity, allowing them to do things that bumbling warriors and thick-fingered sorcerers are not able to do. The rogue's special ability is that of disarming traps, which deactivates the traps guarding some chests. Trapped chests will be marked gold (like unique items), and the text for the chest will include the word "Trapped." Does not always work!

Rogues, need to distribute build points between strength, dexterity and magic attributes. This will allow you to hit more accurately and do greater damage with each hit and also to learn all the medium level spells. You need to remember also that a rogue can detect and disarm all traps within the dungeons.

If you have a particularly powerful magic bow or magical armor, it is best to take these back to the blacksmith for repairs. This will ensure that you get full use each time you enter the dungeon and do maximum damage with each bow shot.

You should try to buy weapons that do extra or special damage. This is far more important than a weapon that gives you an extra 10% to hit or +5 to your vitality. The reason for this is that each type of creature in the dungeons, takes more or less damage depending on the weapon you use, and you often will not have the time to change to a suitable weapon during a heated battle.

You should try Wirt over near the fissure entrance at regular intervals. He is quite expensive, but can often get hold of flame arrow bows and great battle bows that are only usually found on the lower levels.

Make sure you also have a mace and long sword to take care of the creatures that your bow can't handle. This is a vital thing as the early short bows and composite bows do little or no damage to some of the skeleton bosses you tend to meet.

Lastly, due to the rogues automatic duel class, she will take much longer to build up than either of the other two characters. She will never be as good a fighter as the warrior and will never be able to cast some of the more powerful spells that the sorcerer has available. However she does have the unique advantage of being able to both hold her own in a toe to toe fight and spin spells with the best of them in a magical duel.