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Character Skills/Special Abilities

Due to training, as well as other things, characters have abilities which they can use at any time (actually, these are disabled in the town). These skills allow characters to perform feats that not everybody is capable of.

This skill is usable by all adventurers. The sorcerer, however, is the best at it.

All warriors, in their close relationship with weapons, have learned some smithing and armor fabrication. This allows them to quickly patch up or bend into shape worn-out armor and weapons. Of course, since it is a rushed job without the benefit of proper tools and a forge, the weapons or armor will be damaged, and will never be quite the same. Usually, this ability is used only as a last-ditch attempt, when a strong weapon is needed quickly, and the blacksmith's shop is nowhere in sight.

Rogues, with their sharp eyes and quick fingers, are often able to detect and disarm deadly traps without harm. Whenever you, as a rogue, select a trapped item, its name will show up in red type, rather than white. To disarm a trap, you simply 'cast' the disarm skill, and activate the trapped item. There is always the chance that you will muff the attempt, and set off the trap, but it's better safe than sorry. Disarming a trapped item also opens it
(assuming that it is a container type object.)

Sorcerers, with their detailed knowledge of magical devices, are able to recharge their magical staves. Of course, field work can never be quite as precise as that conducted in a laboratory, so the intricate magical fabric of the staff will be slightly warped. Often this is not too large a price to pay for the ability to recharge a staff without the witch's aid.