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Sorcerers are the mysterious masters of things arcane and mystical. They draw their power from mana, a magical force which flows through all human beings. To unleash the force of mana, however, requires intense study and tight concentration. Sorcerers, having devoted their lives to study, often have small bodies, weak from lack of exercise. Their brains, on the other hand, have tremendous faculties, allowing them to memorize spells with ease, and channel with skill the power of mana. Although healing potions are much less effective on sorcerers, mana potions give them large amounts of power.

Mages begin with the ability of recharging staves, although this will also reduce the maximum number of charges the item can hold. The great advantage to this skill is that it can be done while in the dungeon, although the reduction in max charges is often not worth the effort (except for low-level characters who don't have access to scrolls or spells of town portal).

Ordinary staffs can and should be recharged by you, while you are still in the dungeons. While this will eventually make then useless, ordinary staffs are cheap and you can always buy another one. The extra time you get to spend below is well worth a staff of lightning or firebolts.

Sorcerers, need to distribute build points between magic and dexterity attributes. You will also need to get your strength up enough to be able to use a bow of some kind. Because the sorcerer must cast long range spells and these spells take a second or so to cast, you need to be very cautious when going through the dungeons. Take plenty of mana potions and use the bow as a backup weapon.

If you have a particularly powerful magic staff or magical armor, it is best to take these back to the witch to recharge and the blacksmith for repair. This will ensure that you get full use out of the staff each time you enter the dungeon. Some sorcerer staffs can do as much bashing damage as a good war hammer or a long sword.

You should try to buy staffs that do extra or special damage and contain spells you can't normally acquire. This is far more important than a staff that gives you an extra 10% to hit or +5 to your vitality. The reason for this is that the sorcerer has a very low amount of life points and can not effectively go toe to toe with anything greater than a fallen one until he reaches a much higher level.

If you have enough gold, buy books to enhance the spells you already know. Eventually they will take only a few points of mana to cast and you can snap off lightning bolts and fireballs left, right, and center. Having a few select high level attack and defense spells will allow you to survive much longer than having lots of level one spells that take lots of mana to cast and do little or no damage.

If you play the sorceror, increase your magic more than your vitality, because your magic starts higher. Your mana will get higher faster, then use Mana Shield before a battle situation.

Here's recommended sorcerer strategy from a level 48 mage....
(exactly as submitted; please excuse spelling or grammar errors)

"..I do not agree with your starting strategie for the mage. Indeed, you sugesting to try the hand to hand fight. I think it is the worse you can do, as you will loose a third of your life to kill a tiny creature you can kill with only one firebolt (level 1). There is no point to increase your fighting skill when 2 more point in magic give you 4 mana more, let say one firebolt, or one opponent dead. Ok if ever several opponents get to close to you you are in trouble, just play in order to avoid it (dodge).

Moreover, in the begining the mage player as always money problem to buy mana potion, so if he get mor magic each potion will regenerate more mana then it saves his money.

To summarise, I think a mage should never, ever spend his xp buying vitalty (only 1 for 1 gain), mana shield always end to come, seldom strengh (if you realy want to be able to use this heavy weapon you won't use...more usefull for armors later on). Dex, as you said, it is always good to increase it (armor class, and sometimes, chance to hit), but definitely Magic, as it will allow you to cast more spell with one potion and also allow you to learn the very usefull spell (Fireball and Manashield).

Another thing, when a mage die, it is not really a problem, he just restart in town, buy a few potion, go down to the labyrinth "naked", and use long range spell to kill the opponents (unlike a warrior who really need his sword and armor, a mage just need the spell he already know). Die again if required and come back. It seems to me useless to be a coward and keep doing the first level (boring), just skip the Butcher the first time..."