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The village of Tristram is populated by eight villagers. Evidently, the crowds disappeared when Lazarus took most of the villagers adventuring, or were scared off shortly thereafter. The only remaining villagers are the retailers.

Griswold the Blacksmith
Griswold conveniently located in the center of the village, will sell you whatever armor and weapons you might want, although usually not in the specific configuration (and definitely not the price) that you might hope for.
Line when you go to him:
"Hello, what can I do for ya?"

Pepin the Healer
Pepin sells healing potions and related paraphernalia from his shop on the west side of the town square, while.
Line when you meet him:
"What ails you my friend?"

Cain the Elder
Cain who is found by the town fountain, can identify those weird magical items that you retrieve from the depths.
Line when you go to him:
"Hello my friend, stay a while and listen"

Adria the Which
Adria is located to the east, across the river, and will buy your unwanted staves and sell you new ones, as well as mana potions, scrolls, and books.
Line when you go to her:
"I sense a soul in search of answers"

Wirt the Peg-Legged Boy
Wirt can be found to the north of the center of town, and will sell you cool stuff, but only for absurdly high prices.
Line when you meet him:
"Psst...over here"

Gillian the Barmaid
Gillian is found in the center of town, and can provide information.
Line when you meet her:
"Good day, how may I serve you?"

Ogden the Tavern Owner
Ogden who owns the tavern in town, also provides information.
Line when you meet him:
"Greetings good master, welcome to the Tavern of the Rising Sun"

Farnham the Drunk
Farnum just provides somewhat confusing conversation.
Line when you meet him:
"Can't a foul drink in peace?"

In both the solo and multi-player games, quests are often started by talking to particular villagers. The mortally wounded townsman laying just outside of the church is a good example of a conversation that starts a quest (although he dies immediately there after and then disappears when the Butcher is killed). Although quests aren't as important in multi-player games as in the solo game, the quests do differ a bit and can be entertaining. Hence, you might want to chat with your neighbors on occasion. When a villager has a quest, merely walking up to them and starting the conversation will get the quest rolling, so there is no need to chat with a villager (that is, click on them and then go to the "chat" submenu) unless you really want to see what they say about a particular quest, or just in general. Although often chatty, their gossip spiels sometimes contain nuggets of useful playing hints. Farnham, the drunkard, is the most uninformed villager of the lot, but he is by far the most entertaining. The remaining villagers can provide useful game information, specifically pertaining to any current quests, even if they are not initiating a quest for you.