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The warrior is a huge sort, buff, brawny, built like a packhorse. Warriors are well trained with weapons and all things physical. Their forte is hurting things; hitting them very hard with sharp or heavy objects. Warriors have immense strength and amazing constitution, but usually are a little short on brainpower, thus little magic. Healing potions are most effective on warriors, while mana potions have very small effect. Although warriors are pretty poor in the magical arts, they can still learn and cast spells, in a pinch.Warriors start with the skill of repairing weapons and armor, restores some of the durability to a weapon or piece of armor, while also reducing the maximum durability of the item. Repairing an item very close to its max durability might reduce the durability below its current level, so use carefully.

Warriors will need to distribute build points between strength and dexterity attributes. This will allow you to hit more accurately and do greater damage with each hit. Remember that a warrior can repair his equipment and thus stay down in the dungeons much longer than the rogue or the sorcerer. If you have a particularly powerful magic weapon or magical armor, it is best to take these back to the blacksmith for repairs. This will ensure that you get full use out of the item each time you enter the dungeon.

Ordinary armor and swords can and should be repaired by you, while you are still in the dungeons. While this will eventually make them useless, ordinary armor is cheap and you can always buy another set. The extra time you get to spend below is well worth a set of hard leather or ring mail armor. It is not, however, worth a suit of quality plate mail.

You should try to buy weapons that do extra or special damage. This is far more important than a weapon that gives you an extra 10% to hit or +5 to your vitality. The reason for this is that each type of creature in the dungeon, takes more or less damage depending on the weapon you use, and you often will not have the time to change to a suitable weapon during a heated battle.

Having a sword able to do fire damage as well as normal damage, will make killing creatures without fire resistance very quick and easy. Such a weapon will be equally as effective against fallen ones and scavengers as it will be against skeletons and horrors.

Lastly, due to the warriors weak magic abilities, it is vital to get some form of magical protection for him. Try to purchase armor and weapons that as well as giving damage bonuses or armor class bonuses, also give fire, lightning or general magic resistance. This will lessen any damage you take from a fireball hit or a lightning bolt strike.