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| Hellfire Creatures | Hellfire Monsters Tabels |


Individual creatures resistances and immunities are revealed after 15 of them have been killed. Their hit points are revealed after 30 kills. All creatures belong to one of the following creature classes: undead, animals, demons.

SKELETONS - levels 1-6 - undead
Skeletons are fearless enemies, so unlike most other opponents, they come straight for player characters. They move in short bursts, however, so running away from them is not difficult. Like all undead, they can be injured by the Holy Bolt spell. Skeleton - These walking piles of bones make up the 'body' of the skeletal regulars. They are armed with twin axes, but are not as handy with them as the corpse axes. They are quick on their feet, but with only 2-4 hit points, they are quick to die too. Corpse Axe - This one's a swift fighter armed with two axes. They often pop up in groups, so watch out. Skeleton Captain - The skeleton captain is the toughest of the skeletal troops. He wields a short sword and a small shield. This is the most likely skeleton to pop out of a sarcophagus.

FALLEN ONES - levels 1-5 - animals
Fallen Ones are short, goblin-looking creatures that wield swords or staves. They are not very brave, luckily, so killing one of their kind (or anything else, actually) will send the pack running. Like most of the low-level creatures, they aren't very dangerous except in large numbers. The Fallen Ones - The Fallen Ones are the weaker goblin race, a yellow bunch of sniveling idiots. Most of them carry a nasty curved brush-hook of a sword, and a small round shield. Sometimes, though, they are armed with spears, similar to their stronger brethren, the carvers. They are about half as tall as a human being. In fact, they are so short that they have to jump to hit their opponent. Like all goblins, they are hopeless cowards, and will promptly run away when one of their number is slain. They will, after a time, regroup and come back at you, but a lot of time is spent milling around. The Carvers - The blue skinned goblin race is probably the tougher one. The Carvers seem to come in two varieties. One carries the standard goblin fare of cutlass and buckler. The second variety has a long spear, taller than its wielder. Carvers are hardy cave creatures, with 6-10 hitpoints.

SCAVENGER - levels 1-6 - animals
Sort of a cross between a scorpion and a rottweiler, these creatures can do significant amounts of damage. Try not to let them surround you, or you won't be able to hit back. Scavengers often stop to munch on the corpses of fallen comrades (yours or theirs--they don't care), so sometimes taking out other beasts first can buy you some time before the scavengers come in. If you hurt a scavenger enough, they will run away and munch on the nearest corpse. Luckily, the little creeps can usually be taken out with one hit. Once you do kill them, they let out a satisfying screech and wave their legs in the air.

ZOMBIE - levels 1-5 - undead
Zombies and their kin move slowly, giving you ample time to maim other nearby critters before they approach. Their slow movement is also a good invite to ranged weapons. Zombies, being Undead, are susceptible to the Holy Bolt spell. Walking Corpses - Throughout the dungeon, you will find animated corpses. They are driven by dark, necromantic energies. They are simple-minded and slow-witted. Beware, though, these creatures of the night, for their strength comes from beyond the grave. Ghouls - The fearsome ghouls are rumored to be the animated corpses of those buried alive. Hypothermia has turned their blood blue, and open wounds gape pink upon their backs. These mindless servants of darkness shamble towards you slowly. They more than make up for their slowness, however, with a devastatingly strong attack. Because of their speed, or lack thereof, ghouls are easy to run away from, as well as easy targets for ranged spells and weapons. Zombies - Zombies are very much like ghouls. Their bodies are older, and most of the blood has left them, leaving them a sickly yellow color. They stagger around aimlessly, and attack any living being that is unlucky enough to fall in their midst. Zombies seem to be very afraid of fire (i.e. fire-bolt spell). They each have 5-8 hit points, so they usually take a couple of hits before they collapse.

WINGED FIENDS - levels 2-8 - animals
These itty bitty flying demons can be a real annoyance, especially when they attack in numbers. Due to their small size and their agility, they are pretty hard to hit. Some of the variants use a relatively damaging lightning attack, and the Blinks can jump around on the screen, making arrows miss and melee hard to engage. They like to attack from one direction, back up, and then attack from another direction--further frustrating combat attempts. Use fire spells to kill them en masse. Their tough hide and demon blood give them 4-8 hitpoints apiece.

HIDDEN - levels 2-10 - demons
You can't see them until they are close, and if you suddenly find yourself surrounded, it is easy to die quick (unless you've got good armor and a powerful sword). Rogues can see them at a distance, and any ranged attack will hit them whether they are visible or not. Like scavengers, they sometimes run after being injured, so you can wear them down rather than trying to destroy them one by one. If Hiddens are harassing you on a level, fire randomly in apparently clear directions and listen for their distinctive grunts. Kill them before they get close!

GOAT CLAN - levels 4-9 - demons
Goat Boys, as they are locally known. There are four clans, and each clan comes in melee and archer flavors. The worst are BloodStar-firing Fire Clans, which can do massive damage from a distance. They are fun opponents, though, and like to spin before they lay down to die.

GARGOYLES - level 5-12 - demons
Gargoyles will fly away and resume their stony posture if they are sufficiently injured. This is a good thing (they will leave you alone if they are hurt bad) and a bad thing (they recover hit points when they turn to stone). Hit them hard and fast; keep on the same creature until it dies, and then turn to the next one. Luckily, they stay where they are until you hit them or get too close--so stay away, and pick them off slowly.

OVERLORD - level 5-12 - demons
Overlords are fairly mundane fighters. They are boring, too. They move slowly, which makes them easy to outrun. Use your ranged weapons!

HORNED DEMON - levels 7-12 - animals
Also known as RhinoBoys. These guys will charge, and although they can be effectively killed in melee combat, their charge really really hurts. If, compared to their normal attack, their charge does you serious damage, then find a corner to hide around and wait for them to walk up to you.

SPITTING TERRORS - levels 6-14 - animals
Acid Beasts can be serious pains, especially for Warriors in the Caves. The more dangerous acid beasts on the deeper dungeon levels can spit farther than their weak kin. For all such terrors, then, try to attack them at a range greater than theirs. Listen closely to your speakers, since that is often the best way to tell if you are standing on a fresh spitter corpse or in a pile of acid that they have sent (via projectile vomit) in your direction.

MAGMA DEMON - levels 8-11 - demons
Magma Demons throw fiery balls of burning stone, which can be a painful experience if you have to walk up to them and kill them in melee. Most magma kin are fire-resistant (if not immune), so lightning attacks are the most effective. Other than their ranged attack, they are not difficult opponents, so sometimes the best strategy--even for rogues--is to approach and fight them face-to-face.

VIPER - levels 11-15 - demons
Vipers can be dangerous in packs, and some will dart across the screen in fast jumps, so you can't run away from them. Resistances also vary, so there is no single spell that works well against all snakes. Attack at range, with mass-affect spells (like flame wave or chain lightning), then approach for final combat.

LIGHTNING DEMONS - levels 9-14 - demons
Death Wings are the large, lightning-throwing demons of the lower caves. Their lightning attack is usually not extensively damaging, and also comes slowly (if steadily), making it easy to use potions at a regular rate. Rings or other items of lightning resistance come in very handy if you will be facing a level of death wings, which is one reason to carry spare rings.

BALROG - levels 10-15 - demons
Slayers are the largest creatures in the game (except for Diablo, but there's only one of him). Their Inferno fire attack, like the lightning of the Death Wings, comes slowly and steadily, making well-paced potion usage easy. Slayers like to dance around, though, much like Blinks, and sometimes the most effective strategy is to close and attack at short range.

SUCCUBUS - levels 12-15 - demons
The Bitches. Succubi come in four flavors, the most heinous being the blue Soul Burners. Their various burning-star attacks can be resisted with Crystal rings (or other items giving resistance to magic)--and that makes a huge difference when fighting them. They like to approach or retreat to a distance of six squares or so, sometimes making them hard for Warriors to kill. They also travel in packs. Draw their attention, to fight them one by one, and then back them into a corner. Anticipate their movements and lead them a bit, either by fire or by foot.

KNIGHT - levels 12-16 - demons
Doom Guards have the most consistently high resistances, making them tough to kill by Sorcerers. Their attack can be devastating, but luckily must be dealt by hand. Ranged attacks (with a bow) work very well.

MAGES - levels 13-16 - demons
Counselors, Magistrates, Cabalists, and Advocates are some of the most annoying creatures in the dungeon. Although they have very few hit points, they like to jump around the screen, making a large group difficult to fight. They will also approach, so if you are caught unawares they can sneak up and do considerable damage before being dispatched. The best way to kill them is in a single blow--although, with high resistances, this is often difficult. When they are recoiling, they are prevented from teleporting, so a rogue can take them on easily--either one on one or with a high enough AC so that other counselors do not interrupt your fire.