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Hellfire Dungeon

Beneath the strange-looking growth in the field of Lester the farmer lies a cavernous underground area that has been completely infested and befouled by insect-like creatures. The walls and floors themselves are alive, oozing with slime and grossness, and the ground is saturated with toxic, bubbling acid. Many of the creatures of these levels blend into the walls and floors, becoming hard to see them until they move. All the creatures are alien in appearance, with mostly insect-like traits and attack modes. An insectoid beast called The Defiler is responsible for the many atrocities in the Nest, and only by slaying it can this place of filth be cleansed.

Polished black marble textures decorate this place of evil beauty. Demonic hieroglyphics and strange devices are carved into the walls and floor, and spiral columns support the ceiling. Lava runs under the floor, covered with grates. There is an orange underglow reflected off of the shiny marble surfaces. Tombs and statues are everywhere. This is the home of the demon nobility, and is populated with the dead, the decayed, and, of course, myriad demons. As you descend deeper into the Demon Crypt levels, the halls become progressively more crumbled and ruined as the source of the lava is approached. Finally, at the bottom level, you will encounter Na-Krul himself. Far more powerful than the other inhabitants of the game, Na-Krul can be weakened by using the hints contained in the Reconstructed Note to read the spell books found outside Na-Krul's realm.