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Quest given by Quest level Quest goal Quest reward

Lester the Farmer
Festering Nest
Rune Bomb

Auric Amulet
You can start this quest as soon as you have cleared out the catacombs, or if you have a level 15 character. You will find Lester near the grazing cows; he will ask you to blow the entrance to the nest open so that he can take his cows to the orchard, and will give you the Rune Bomb. The entrance to the nest will be found across the new bridge near Farnham. When you have completed the quest, he will reward you with the Auric Amulet which doubles your gold-carrying capacity.

Quest given by Quest level Quest goal Quest reward

Festering Nest
The Defiler

Cathedral Map
This is actually a two-part quest. For the first part, you must kill the Defiler, who can be found on the fourth level of the hive. Once dead, she will give you the Cathedral Map. For the second part of the quest, you must return to town and speak to Gillian. She will give you the Grave Matters quest. You must now take the Cathedral Map to the churchyard and drop it on the new grave that you will find there. This will open the doorway to the Demon Crypts.

Quest given by Quest level Quest goal Quest reward

Demon Crypts

More of a utility than a quest. The Cornerstone of the World can be used to transfer items from one single player character to another. When you first find the Cornerstone, you will find a pile of gold on it. If you place another item on the Cornerstone, then exit your game, and start a new game with another character that is of the same experience level, you will find the item you dropped on the Cornerstone.

Quest given by Quest level Quest goal Quest reward

Demon Crypts
Torn Notes

Reconstructed Note

While journeying through the Demon Crypts, you will find 3 torn notes lying on the floor. Collect all 3 torn notes from Skulken's journal, and when combined you will get a message that you help you in weakening Na-Krul with the spell books that are found outside his chamber.

Text of the Reconstructed Note
Whoever finds this scroll is charged with stopping the demonic creature that lies within these walls. My time is over. Even now, its hellish minions claw at the frail door behind which I hide.

I have hobbled the demon with arcane magic and encased it within great walls, but I fear that will not be enough.

The spells found in my three grimoires will provide you protected entrance to this domain, but only if cast in their proper sequence. The levers at the entryway will remove the barriers and free the demon; touch them not! Use only these spells to gain entry or his power may be too great for you to defeat.

The Reconstructed Note is of no value; no one in town will buy it from you. If you place it on the Cornerstone of the World, you will hear the following:
And in the year of the golden light, it was so decreed that a great cathedral be raised. The cornerstone of this holy place was to be carved from the translucent stone Antyrael, named for the angel who shared his power with the Horadrim. In the year of drawing shadows, the ground shook and the cathedral shattered and fell. As the building of catacombs and castles began and man stood against the ravages of the Sin War, the ruins were scavenged for their stones. And so it was that the cornerstone vanished from the eyes of man.

The stone was of this world - and of all worlds - as the light is both within things and beyond all things. Light and unity are the products of this holy foundation, a
unity of purpose and a unity of posession.

Quest given by Quest level Quest goal Quest reward

Reconstructed Note
Demon Crypt level 4
random magic bow, staff,
great sword, and book of Apocalypse
You get this quest by reading the seven journals scattered throughout the four levels of the Demon Crypts, and the Reconstructed Note. Killing Na-Krul will complete this quest.

To weaken Na-Krul, read the books in front of his chamber in this order:
in spiritu sanctum
praedictum otium
efficio obitus ut inimicus

Once you have done this, Na-Krul's chamber will open and he will appear, in a weakened state. If you do not want to weaken Na-Krul, then simply pull the levers instead of reading the books. His death will give you three magic items (a bow, staff, and great sword), and the book of Apocalypse.

When Na-Krul appears, he will say the following:

Ha, ha, ha...Free! Ha, ha, ha...Free to confront the one who banished me to the void, Diablo!
And free to reward you, little mortal with your death!

If you have added the command.txt option*, you will instead hear:

Hi! I'm free, free to confront the little man who banished me, Diablo.
Hi, Everybody, and I'm free to reward you, little mortal,
with these Aerosmith tickets.
You'll be getting backstage passes,
you'll get to meet Steven Tyler and the whole band.
This Friday at the Coliseum.
Thanks for getting me out of there.
By the way, I'm gonna have to kill you. (pause)
I'll be right back with the traffic and weather together.

Quest given by Quest level Quest goal Quest reward

Complete Nut
Festering Nest
Brown Suit....Grey Suit...Rune Bomb

Complete Nut....Bovine Plate
This quest is only available if you use the command.txt option.* This quest replaces the Farmer's Orchard quest. Instead of Lester, you will meet The Complete Nut standing by the cows, who will give you the Rune Bomb and ask you to retrieve his brown suit from his home, which is in the Nest. You will also find his gray suit on level 3 of the Nest, but it is of no value. On the fourth level, you will find his brown suit; when you return it to him, he will give you the Bovine Plate.

Quest given by Quest level Quest goal Quest reward

Festering Nest
Hork Demon....Theo

random amulet
This quest is only available if you use the command.txt option*. After blowing open the entrance to the Nest, and entering level one, come back to town. You will find a little girl, Celia, next to a tree on the way to Adria's shack. She will tell you that her playpal, Theodore, was taken by a big bug in the Nest and ask you to rescue him. On the third level of the Nest, you will meet the Hork Demon. Kill him and he will surrender Theodore to you. Give Theodore to Celia, and she will give you a magic amulet.

command.txt option
For directions, go to our How to add the hidden characters and quests to Hellfire Page