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There are three ways to cast spells: by reading a scroll that has the spell written upon it; by using a staff that has the spell embodied within it; or by casting the spell from memory. Scrolls and Staves cast the spell at a particular spell level, which is independent of the character's proficiency with the spell.

Spell Levels can be increased by reading another book about that spell, finding a shrine which increases spell levels, or by wielding an Angel's or Arch-Angel's staff (which will increase all spell levels by one or two, respectively). Fifteen is the highest level of proficiency that you can achieve with any spell, and no additional book or shrine can increase the spell level above that point. "Temporary" magic increases in spell levels, which means that only the Angel's or Arch-Angel's staff can raise a spell level up to 17, but no further, and the advance is removed as soon as you stop wielding the staff. (These staves do not raise the levels of unknown spells to two--only known spells are benefited.)

Reading spellbooks takes more magic for higher levels of the spell, and reading the book to gain level 15 in the spell often requires 250 magic. It makes no difference if you are wielding an Angel's Staff while reading; the game knows what your "base" level in the spell is, and determines the magic required to read the book from that base level.

Some shrines (notably the Enchanted Shrine, or its Goat or Cauldron equivalents) will decrease spell levels. If the decrease takes the spell level down to zero, then the spell is not actually forgotten, although the level is zero and the spell is uncastable. You can raise the spell level again by finding another Enchanted Shrine, or by reading a book or wielding an Angel's Staff.